Party Decorating

Here are ideas for decorating for your next party.  

How to make a fabulous Birthday Banner or any banner for that matter:

Step 1. Take card stock and cut into a circle or square shape.  (use colors that work well for your party) I use those fun decorative scissors.  (A gift from my dear friend)  I used a paper plate as my guide
Step 2.   Take decorative paper,  I bought some on sale from Michaels or at least I used a coupon.  If you haven't signed up for e-mails I suggest you do that so you receive awesome coupons.  Never buy something at full price when you can get it at a discount.   Anyhoo I basically just took out papers that looked fun and again would go with my color scheme or at least be bright and cheery.   I cut a smaller circle out and glued this to the larger circle.
Step 3.  I also bought a letter template system from Michaels.    I traced the large block letters on card stock and then cut them out and again glued them to the small inside circle.
Step 4.  I attached all of this onto ribbon,  I should have bought more ribbon but I suppose at that point my husband was tired of wandering around Michael's with our 3 boys while I was drooling over all the of the wonderful stuff I knew I couldn't buy.

Hang on wall and enjoy.  You can use this banner again just keep the Happy Birthday and do a new name for another child.   I also started this project about a month in advance, I  made a goal for myself to make two circles with letters on them a day.   This way I was done in plenty of time and I didn't feel overwhelmed or rushed.  


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