Our House

Our house, is a very, very, very fine house.
With two cats in the yard,
Life used to be so hard,
Now everything is easy 'cause of you.
-Crosby, Stills and Nash

Welcome to our humble abode,  please excuse some of the clutter here and there I wasn't paying attention when I took the pictures.    The first room you walk into is our living room,  I'm thinking it needs to be painted a different color.    This will have to wait awhile though as the ceilings are pretty high and we would need a professional to do it.  

living room


dinning area off kitchen
The next room is the kitchen it is an open floor plan so there is no separation from kitchen and living room.  I would also like to change the color in here as I'm not to keen on the color in the kitchen.  I don't mind green just not that shade of green.  I would also like to redo the cabinets.    I need advice in choosing colors for both the kitchen and living room area that would look good, flow smoothly and that someday when we sell our house people aren't running for the hills.   Cause frankly there aren't any hills in this part of Kansas.  When we moved into our house last June we bought a stainless steel fridge and replaced the ugly builder grade stove,  we still need to replace the hood and the dishwasher.    As you can see we are big on chickens, we actually have a lot more but they are packed away.   It was a running joke that family would give us chicken nick knacks because my husband and my nickname for each other is chicken.   Different and sometimes awkward when your calling for your husband in target and you catch yourself saying "Chicken"    Anyway back to our house in the picture below is our little eating area we don't have an actual dinning room just a small table that can be enlarged slightly it has a butterfly leaf built inside the table, very convenient.   I would like a cottage feel to my house,  I feel that is such a cozy, homey type of feeling that makes you want to come in and curl up read a book,  watch a movie or just have a good talk.

The last room I have posted here is of our master bedroom, this is one of the only rooms we have repainted, before it was a darker brown and it was just too dark in my opinion.   We went to home depot and found a blue called Viking blue,  funny cause my husband being from Minnesota originally is a huge vikings fan.  Thankfully he didn't decide to go for a purple and gold theme.  I think that is why in the end woman should have the veto power when it comes to decorating houses. The bedspread is from Target,  they had it on sale for one of their Pre-black Friday sales and we snatched it up.  I think it goes really well with the wall colors.   Someday I would like to replace the curtains but they work for now.    I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen so far and if you have any thoughts or advice on anything please share!!  

Master bedroom before paint job and other touches.

Master bedroom


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