Apr 15, 2012

Exciting news.

I realize I have not posted on here for ages.   That doesn't mean I have not been doing anything, just no time to post.   My latest and most joyous news is that my husband and I are going to have another baby due at the end of summer.    We already have 3 boys so when I went to have my sonogram I was hoping for a girl.   I realize a baby is a baby no matter what and they are all precious miracles but I think every mom has the right to want something.  So we went to get my sonogram I drank a gallon or 2 of water.  I had to pee about 4 times before I had the sonogram and even when I went in she could tell I was uncomfortable and let me use the restroom one last time.   She asked if we wanted to know the sex and we both said yes.   Well it didn't take her long before she discovered we were having another boy.  Yes that is right  I will be the mother of 4 boys.  My husband and I joke that one more and we could have a basketball team.   We came home and began calling friends and family.  For the most part I was strong and kept a brave face but  after so many calls I had to stop and cried a little.  Simply because we had decided this was our last one and there was no chance of me having a girl, unless of course God has other plans in 10 years when we aren't planning or expecting it.   I have now come to accept the fact I'm having a boy and I will welcome him with loving arms just like I have my other boys.   When we told the older boys since my 2 year old doesn't quite get what is going on, they both said "Really!!? "Really" like we were playing a joke on them and I simply replied really.  I think they wanted a girl for me too and couldn't believe it.   My 2 year old will be starting a kids day in program in the fall he is just shy by 9 days to make it to preschool but that's okay.   He will only go one day a week and it is a Christian based program which I think is important.    Tomorrow starts an important day of his life.  Potty training.   I tried to tell my husband that since we have 3 boys so far with 1 on the way and I've already potty trained the first 2 it would only be fair for him to potty training the last 2.  He laughed like I was joking.  Oh well I tried.  We will do it but I really do not enjoy the never-ending potty training process.  But like I always say that if he is still not potty trained by college he will have to do his own laundry.


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