Oct 3, 2011

full speed ahead

Well this train certainly doesn't stop and last week was proof of that, in fact I think it was in full speed.   So last Monday the boys had the day off so I got nothing done.   On Tuesday my friend/neighbor came over to help me make cookies for the church bake sale at the upcoming fall festival.  We made triple chip cookies, I had received an e-mail from  bakerella with a recipe for these cookies and they looked so yummy I had to make them for the bake sale.  Plus it didn't hurt when I went to transfer them from the parchment paper to the cooling racks some of them fell, oops! so I had to eat those of course and yes they were indeed yummy.   We also made Monster cookies and lastly some Congo bars which ever since I had them in grade school  I had always loved these cookies but I couldn't remember what they were called and I was finally able to find it again.     Tuesday night my middle son had a flag football game and on Wednesday we had WOW at church.  Thursday afternoon I dropped off the cookies for the bake sale and told the ladies I would be back in the morning.    Friday I made a casserole meal for the church to help feed the homeless.   Friday night my husband helped run the food booth for the Goddard Fall Festival. He did the same thing all day Saturday, taking only a brief break to take my oldest son to his double header flag football game.   Friday night I made PB&J french toast and we watched Matilda.  Saturday morning we woke up and I made hotcakes I found a recipe that is like McDonald's hotcakes so we ate those.  Then we headed to downtown Goddard, a whole 4 minutes from where we live.  Parked in the church parking lot and walked down to main street to watch the parade.     My son's school won the best float of the parade so that was exciting then we just walked around and headed to where my husband was working.   I ordered a bratwurst and 2 hot dogs,  then we got a small snow cone which was pretty big for small and headed back to the church .  The church was filled with booths with people selling stuff they personally make to things like pampered chef and Avon.   We then got in the van and quickly went home.    I had my oldest change into his uniform then we had to skidaddle to the YMCA where he was having pictures taking, when that was over we quickly went home.   I still had to make brownies for his snack cause oh yeah did I forget to mention I had signed up for snacks on Saturday.   Well I wasn't able to have the brownies done in time, darn oven and not being able to slow down time.   My husband got the boys and took them to the game,  I later called him and said I would bring the brownies up later.    Thankfully the brownies weren't needed until the end of the second game since he had a double header.   I was able to finish them and drive them over and watch my son's second game.     The kids and coaches were all excited about the brownies which of course made me feel good.   Plus my son had an awesome game like he usually does.    He got another safety, 2 interceptions and 80% of the time when it came to getting the flags he was usually the one to do it.    Saturday night my husband had to go back to the festival because there was a concert and they wanted to sell brats to make more money for the church.    Let me tell you that concert was loud we live on the other side of the highway from where the concert was held.   We could hear it clear as day in our house with no windows open, so that can just tell you how loud it was if you were actually at the concert.   Thankfully he was able to come home at 8:30pm and we had quiet evening.  Sunday came and we went to church then came home and watched the chiefs vs vikings game.   I'm a chiefs fan, having grown up near Kansas City and my husband is a vikings fan being from Minnesota.   Actually when we first met and he came to see me they vikings played at the chiefs-they lost then too and that was 12 years ago.   I told my husband that even though his team lost I would always love him and root for his purple vikings even if they are the worst team now.   I think they have a good team -minus McNab he just needs to quit and not be like another QB the vikings had that refused to retire and they need a better coaching system. Sunday night we watched the amazing race and decided to make it easy and get value meals from McDonald's.    Lets hope this week the train slows way down so we can enjoy the scenery.   


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Wow! You guys have been up to a lot. I loved the post about your son's birthday party too. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit.

Kathy M.

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