Apr 7, 2011

Spring time

Last Saturday we planted our new trees and plants we received from the Arbor day farms.
They are still small but if they make it they will be very beautiful.    There is a southern magnolia tree, a fragrant lilac bush and two hydrangea bushes.   Plus an Azalea,  I also picked up another one from Lowes.   At Church last night I was talking to another lady and she told me there is someone who might give us a forsythia bush if we wanted one.    The tulips I planted last fall are coming up and blooming so far I have two yellow ones,  I think its so exciting because you don't know what color will appear at least if you get a mixed bag.    The past couple days I have made no bake bars and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the Oak Street Carnival this Saturday for the sweet shop.     Last week if you watch Regis and Kelly you might have seen our town of Goddard, KS that is where run across America runner was last week.  We are a pretty small town so its pretty exciting to get such national attention.   
In other good news today my oldest son Carl came home from taking 3 days of Math State assessment testing.  He got 100% so as are agreement his Dad and him went and bought him roller blades.   Which is much better then an ipod touch that he has wanted because all of his friends have them.  Personally I don't believe kids should be having items that are meant for adults.    He has plenty of other things like the Wii and Nintendo DS so its not like he is deprived of items.      I am very proud of him for doing so well.   Tomorrow his class is getting to go to the park as a special treat and to stop off at a little bakery for a treat. 

Until next time:
Rejoice and be exceedingly gad for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.  Mathew 5:12

can anybody tell me what kind of tree this is?

our pretty yellow tulip

Carl and baby Dave

treats I made for the school carnival


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