Mar 4, 2011

Sticker price shock!!

Last night my family and myself went to Lowes to purchase carpet.  They are currently offering a promotional deal that if you buy stain master carpet and carpet pad they will do free installation.    Somebody came out on Monday to measure our room.   I made the mistake of asking them to measure more then one room and they decided to put it all together.   But that wasn’t even the beginning,   We waited almost 40 minutes before we were helped,   if we hadn’t already paid $35 that we would get rebated after we purchased the carpet we probably would have left.  IT was ridiculous!!  Finally I show them the carpet I want which is $2.98 a square foot I’m thinking that seems mid range price not too pricey,  yeah whatever!!  I’m watching the price on the computer and I’m like that is really high,  they have our room measure out 240 square feet when it is more like 200-220 so we are being charged for excess carpet.    The price is reading $720 and I’m having a panic attack,  I can’t fathom paying that much for one room and not even a large room!  I excuse myself because I start tearing up and the lady at Lowes comes over and talks to me and we decide I need to find a cheaper carpet.   She shows me a carpet on the back wall they have in stock already that is just as nice with the Multi- texture and even more dense and only $1.20 per square foot.    Even though it is not a stain master she adjusts the price to give us the deal we would have gotten for free installation.    I am certainly not upset with the people who work at Lowes they were helpful and very sorry for all we had to go through,  I am not happy with Lowes.  If you are going to run a promotional add like that please have more people to help out in that section so they don’t have to wait forever and a day.    I can’t wait till we get our new carpet in,  and I will post pictures when that is done.     


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