Mar 9, 2011

Just be real

I just read a wonderful blog and post over at Lifes craft and whatever about not being perfect and being real.  How refreshing is that,  to read a blog that is sincere and isn't afraid to show insecurities.   I posted that I tend to skip blogs that seem professional  as in Martha stewartish,  Perhaps people who blog in that manner are hoping to write a book to sell or something it just really reminds me of the Nanny Diaries  the mom stays home but hires people to take care of her child so she can do all of this other crap.   There are days when I get stuff done and other days where I am doing good that I have unloaded the dishwasher.    Right now I have frito chips on my floor because my 18 month old son has graciously covered the floor with them and he is enjoying rolling over them with his ball popper.   Now I'll eventually vaccum it up but right now I'd rather watch All My Children cause I want too.  Obviously if it was one of my older two boys I'd be yelling at them to clean it up.    Earlier my middle son was pitching a fit cause I wouldn't get him fruit snacks after he yelled at me to get him some.  So when he whinned I did it right back to him showing him how silly he looked and sounded.    My husband is out of town for since Monday gets back tommorow,  when he is gone all 3 boys sleep in our bed with me (king size bed)  Well last night the youngest at some point started to get sick and managed to get a little on me,  thankfully I got him to the toilet before any major damage was done.   I didn't exactly have time to shower so I had to  clean off my arm with a baby wipe.    Yeah it isn't pretty but that is the life of a mom sometimes.   It's why when I do take my showers I tend to spend 30 minutes in the shower cause I'm doing everything from washing my face to shaving my legs and  its my "me" time except of course when my husband brings in the youngest or I can hear him crying out in the living room because nobody is paying any attention to him then those showers aren't as enjoyable.    
Tonight I think we will be going to church for WOW (Worship on Wednesday) They provide a meal and bible classes for the boys.   Plus I need a break from cooking, cleaning etc.   
Good grief even now as I write this my middle son is making some high pitched squealing nose,  I yelled at him to stop it finally I had to go in and see what it was,  he was using his nintendo DSI sound changer to make the annoying sound,  I told him if he did it again I'd be throwing it away (of course throwing away means hiding it for awhile till he can earn it back)

On a better note my oldest son came home from school yesterday saying that he learned about Pi on succes maker ( a computerized math program)  he is only in 3rd grade so  I asked if he knew about it yet and he said no but after 2 problems he understood it.     He drives me crazy but he also amazes me.  I can truly say that about all my boys.  They drive me nuts but I still love them.


Jennifer @lifecraftsandwhatever

What a nice surprise, to scroll thru Google Reader and see a mention of my blog. I too hide in the shower, although a little snuggly baby joining me lately hasn't been that bad. Enjoy your time with your boys before your hubby gets home, and have fun tonight with Mommy Time!

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