Mar 12, 2011

40 days

This past week I went to my first Ash Wednesday service.   At church I learned what it was about and what you are asked to do for your Lord in this case giving something up for 40 days.   I thought and thought about what I could give up.   TV-no I have too many shows that I watch,  facebook no I play games and other people depend on me (ok I know that sounds lame but oh well)  finally I decided to give up swearing,  I know to some people that might not seem like much but I can tend to swear like a sailor if the mood hits me right.   So I vowed to God to not swear for 40 days.    I had been doing pretty good only a two slips with minor swear words and under my breath.  But today this afternoon I lost it,  I was taking a nap with the baby and my two older boys were out in the living room playing Kirby's epic yarn.   They started fighting over the game about doing something and my older son insist on talking as loudly as he possibly can and ends up waking up myself and the baby.  I go out to the living room to see what the deal is and since they can't reach an agreement I flip out on them and start yelling and swearing  I catch myself after a minute and left the room,   I told my husband what had happened and he came out and told them they were finished with video games for the day.   I know I should have remained calm and told them that their time was up since they couldn't come to an agreement but when I went out there to calmly talk to them in the beginning that is when the baby woke up and that sends me into a frenzy whirlwind.   Yes I know I still need to work on this but I'm trying the best as I can.   I am giving this up not just for 40 days that is only the beginning after 40 days I hope to be able to still not swear as often.   Please understand that I know I will have slips here or there and occasionally go off on a tirade I am just trying to not do it as often. 
If you went to Ash Wednesday Service this past week then I pray that you have the strength to go for 40 days for whatever you feel you need to give up in your life.     If you think about it Jesus gave up a lot more then anyone can imagine  giving up for all he went through.   So to give up one thing isn't really asking too much of us.


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Hi Nicole. When I was working as a church secretary for 6 years, one of my best helpers was an old man named Ray. He didn't cuss. Or, more accurately, when he did cuss, he substituted the words, "Sacramento, California!" It was a good, satisfying mouthful, and it seemed to work for him. <3

Hey, I'm trying to figure something out. I have been posting some about my family in Arkansas, and there have been a few anonymous comments, and it says that they are coming from your blog ... but they are anon. Are they from you and from your Mom? Are you a Johnson Arkansas cousin of mine? If you are, well, I hope so! If you are not, then I can't figure out this mystery.

You are a great Mom and the baby will grow up soon, like the others have, and all will be well. The others are just little boys, and they love you so much. The end.


Hmm I'm afraid they are not from me but that would be pretty wild if we were related. To find out from a blog. I was born in Kansas City, MO but grew up in Kansas all my life. My mom doesn't blog she is an artist and makes quilts she was just in Nebraska at the arbor day farm for a quilting event she goes to every year. A few years ago she had a quilt in the Paducah quilt show in Paducah, KY I hope you find out who the comments are coming from. Thank you for the helpful advice on other words to use that might help. I always enjoy hearing from you.

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