Feb 19, 2011


I apologize to my readers for being MIA for a few days, I have actually been here reading your wonderful blogs,  coming up blank on what to write myself.    Well this week my middle son turned 6,  we are actually having his pool party today at the YMCA with his friends.  Unfortunately my youngest son is sick with a fever and throwing up, yes he threw up on me twice already.   Thankfully there is a walk-in clinic on Saturday's where we go and my wonderful husband took him in.  I said maybe you will get better results cause they know you mean business.   My oldest son has a basketball game today,  he really enjoys playing and is a really good player.   I'm excited to say that this summer he will be taking a basketball game at KU for the Bill Self Camp,  I hope he learns some great skills and has a wonderful time.   He will be staying with his Oma and Opa (my mom and step dad) while he is there,  on the way back he will be getting to go to a concert in the flint hills.    Recently we have had a lot of snow like most of America and with that comes making up those snow days,  well the boys school announced that beginning the 28th of February they will stay 10 minutes later,  so now they will get out out 4:09pm which is late but they really don't have any immediate after school activities and it gives me an extra 10 minutes of nap time with my youngest so I'm not to upset about it.  Plus it means not having to cut into summer vacation.    Yes while last week we had snow days, this week we almost got to 80 degrees on Wednesday how crazy is that?   We even ate outside at the sonic which you can see from our house across a field.  I do make it appoint to not frequent there everyday but only once a week and at happy hour.   But curse you BLT and Tots for looking so good when I pass you everyday, I will stay strong and keep driving home.   
The other night I ordered some trees/shrubs from Arbor day farms.   If your not a member you should become one I don't think the membership is that high and the prices are great.
Here is what I ordered:
  • Fragrant Lilac-$4.98
  • Southern Magnolia-$3.98
  • Blue Hydrangea- 2 of them at $2.79 each
  • Azaleas Mollis hybrid, pink $4.49
  • and a free maple tree
I can't wait to get these and to plant them in our yard, I would love a yard that looks and smells beautiful.   Well I better go make breakfast before my children ask "What's for breakfast"


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Hi Nicole, besides the part about your youngest being sick, it sounds like you have had a good and busy week. I am a bit jealous that you are able to buy spring plants already!

God bless,

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