Feb 11, 2011

Me time


Yesterday I received an early valentine’s day present,  a brand new Dell Laptop.  It is awesome!! I have informed my family that this is my computer only,  hey I think as a mom I have the right to be selfish once in awhile.  I think all mom’s do.  I love being able to type on here and watch an old but new show to me on Netflix “Brothers and Sisters”  I never got on the bandwagon when the show first aired but I recently started watching it and I really enjoy it.  I like taking little moments of “me” time before the storm rushes in.    Tomorrow we are having Part 1 of my almost 6 year old birthday celebration.   My parents are driving up here to celebrate his Birthday.  His actual birthday is Feb 15th so I figured it would be easier for family to come up on the weekend.  Plus I finally finished his Valentine’s for school  and I am working on my older son’s valentine’s for Monday’s valentine’s day parties.  

The valentine’s are super easy and cute.   You just need red or pink card stock and green stock,  print off the forms found here How does your garden grow lily pops this will take you to a page where there is both a PDF files for the Lily and the leaf.    They are pretty simple to make.  P1010001


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy

Hi Nichole, that is awesome that you have your very own laptop. I don't think you are selfish at all. Your blog is your work. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday party and a great time with your family. Thanks for the nice things you wrote about Tyler. God bless!


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy

PS - I'm not sure when I'll post about it, but I just wanted to let you know that he chose TCU ... he shook hands with their coach this morning. Thanks for being excited for him/us!

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