Feb 5, 2011

Make your own fruit rolls

One of my recent gifts I got for my birthday was a food dehydrator.  I have wanted one for a very long time and I finally got it.   Of course it helped that my husband said I could have $40 to spend at Bed Bath and Beyond and I had some extra cash from my mom to be able to purchase it.   Otherwise I would have gone another year without one.  My husband seems to think I have an addiction to kitchen gadgets just cause one side of our garage looks like that kitchen section of bed bath and beyond,  hey at least kitchen gadgets are useful and serve more then just one person, right? After all when we use them are not we using them to make a meal of some sort for those we love in our family?   So back to the dehydrator,  Thursday we went grocery shopping and shockingly not many fruits are in season, something about snow, frost, cold temperatures?!?  I decided to pick up some of those mixed berry applesauce, normally I prefer normal applesauce to eat but I was thinking I could dehydrate  it to make fruit rolls.   Friday morning I spread the mixed berry applesauce on a sheet that comes with the food dehydrator and let it do its thing for about 6 hours and 135 degrees.   They came out great!!
 I used 3 containers of apple sauce to make the fruit rolls,  to roll them up just take a small section of plastic wrap I spray it a little with cooking spray to prevent it from sticking.  Then just roll it up on top of itself just like a fruit roll up.  I can't wait till we actually have fruit season,   basically you will puree your fruit think of when your making baby food expect don't freeze it, plus add some lemon juice to keep it from turning.    Think of all the wonderful fruit combinations and how much healthier and tastier it will be for you and your kiddo's
It did fill out the whole sheet, I had just already taken half of it off before taking a picture. 


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Hi Nichole, what a great post! I have a food dehydrator, but have not made the fruit roll ups yet ... now I know how. Thanks for stopping by to visit, and I wanted to let you know that I have posted a slide show of the Museum of World Treasures on the top of my blog. I also inserted a post link that I wrote, under the pic of it.
Have a wonderful week!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy

Hi Nichole, I should get your email. No, we didn't get to the zoo or to the gardens on that last trip. We spent most of our time in McPherson and watching football. As far as places to eat, we loved "Heroes" the most. I hope that your husband is doing well now. Take care, Kathy

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