Jan 10, 2011

Snow day... but not for us.

Every other school district includding the one where I was a child and they never cancelled has called a snow day expect for Goddard.    I left 10 minutes earlier and drove about 10-15 mph.  Thankfully I take the frontage roads which is 30 mphs and there is really no traffic.   I go across Highway 54 (Kellog) and then turn onto a road that is 20 mph and again hardly any traffic.   On the radio they played a parody of the song Wild Thing but instead it was "Snow  Day"  sung by some kids.  Do you remember as a kid looking forward to a snow day asking your parent's if there was a snow day the next day?   Well now as a parent I am hearing my children ask the same question and while part of me thinks it would be nice not to have to drive out in the snow another part of me is a little relieved I'm not having to figure out how to entertain 3 boys or more importantly how to keep them from fighting.    However if we continue to get more snow today I really hope they do cancel tommorow.   Today's roads were doable if you took it slow and safe but tommorow could be a different story.     I'm thinking some hot chocolate might be in order for today.    So what are your childhood memories of a snow day? 


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