Jan 28, 2011

Following and being followed

I have found yet another blog and they have come up with a wonderful concept called "Swap Following Linky Party"  I actually clicked on the blog because of the title Home maker on a dime and wanted to read up on some thrifty homemaking ideas. Then I saw the post about this swap link party and was even more intrigued.   You can click the link if you want to learn more about this idea. 

The basic idea is to following 2 blogs and to write about them and let that person know your following them.  I am doing this by going to the next blog after mine then the one after that since I am not sure how to go to the previous one before mine. 

Every monday you can go to this party and follow the instructions as listed on the link above.  The party starts at 5pm PST.   The best part you can be as dressed up or as comfortable as you want to be and you don't even have to leave your house. 

Here is my first blog I will be following now.
ferguson family four
This blog captures the mother's passion of photography.   She is a working mother but still takes the time to enjoy her beautiful children.   She clearly has a wonderful talent for photography,   I only wish I could have actually learned something from photography class I took in 8th grade but alas the teacher was not helpful and never really taught us anything.   Who knows maybe by following this blog I will pick up a few tips for some wonderful photo taking.   So do you have a hidden talent or a talent that may have been pushed aside to take care of others needs and wants?     Maybe you should share it next time you blog.

Well I only have time to post about one blog following right now because it is that time of day again where I get my two older boys from school and we head to sonic (Fridays are gold star days)  if my middle child receives a gold star at school he gets a treat from sonic,  I'm thinking today a chocolate milkshake because we have a coupon for one for 99 cents and it expires on the 31st.     Perhaps a cherry limemade for myself.

Until next time.


SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime

Nicole, welcome to our linky party and thanks for following! Your blog is so pretty. Go mingle with the other bloggers in the link, follow them and they'll follow you, too. Hope you'll join again this Monday! Btw, I'm a follower, too.


cool...I'll try to figure out how to do this!


Hi Nicole...I found you through the link party and now am following...

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