Jan 14, 2011

Build and Grow Clinics at Lowes

Have you tried to one of these clinics for your kids? 
We started attending these sometime this past fall and have really enjoyed them.    You can sign up for them at   This is a free program, you can buy the kits to take home but why do that when you can do it at the store for free.  When we go my husband works with our two older boys on the project,  my oldest can do it basically by himself though he is still needing to learn how to read directions carefully, he can read just fine but he has that stubborn I know what I'm doing attitude of a 9 year old boy.  While they are working on their project, I get to look around Lowe's with our 1 year old son.  I enjoy looking at paint or tiles for floor or carpets.   One of my son's favorite things for me to do is go to the carpets and flip through them making a wooshing sound, he cracks up laughing.  
When your finished with your kit you receive a nice patch you can add on to your Lowe's apron which is something else you receive for free.  If you don't receive one just ask for one they should have them for you. 

This clinic isn't just for boys, I have seen plenty of little girls there too.  I think this is a great bonding time with either parent and their children.   If you haven't tried it out I suggest you do.   February 12th they are making music boxes for valentine's day. 

Here are some of the recent things my boys have built:



Awesome---I've always wanted to take my kiddos, but will definitely make the time to take them now! Thanks for the tip!

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