Jan 12, 2011


My husband earned his Masters degree in Accounting so he enjoys making budgets.  They are elaborate excel sheets with lots of numbers.   I'm thankful that he is able to do this and that I don't have to worry about it.   December and months before you can just hear the money being drained from wallets and credit cards.  January is a month not only for food diets but credit card diets too.    We are now on a cash only diet with the exception of gas we use our amazon card for that.    We would like to be able to pay off our credit cards and also pay more of Lucas's student loans off.    When you do a cash diet you need to figure in groceries and any other things you might need.   I really don't go out that often so I don't spend money here or there expect on Fridays.    Friday is gold star day in Calvin's classroom and if he brings home a gold star he gets a treat.   We live right near a sonic so I try to leave early before picking them up to get there in time for Happy Hour,  they get out of school at 3:59 and Happy Hour ends at 4pm.   Besides our Friday treat I don't have the need to spend money.    I think it is important to have a budget that works for you.     Does your family have a budget, do you tighten the reins on the credit card after December?   


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