Jan 13, 2011

The boys are back in school.

After two days of having a snow day and extreme cold day the boys went back to school.   While it was nice to have them home and not have to drive anywhere it also throws off Dave's and my schedule.   On Tuesday I tried to get them to play outside in the snow, after all it was a snow day.   They lasted about 5 minutes before coming in and wanting to play Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64.   David refused to take his usual afternoon nap.   So around 3pm I made chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate for the boys.   David finally took a nap around 4:30pm.   On Wednesday they were home again, this time I didn't make them go outside as it was -5 degrees out.   Once again David refused to nap till much later then he normally does.   Today the boys went back,  after I took Calvin to afternoon kindergarten I came home with David and he took his nap while I watched my soap operas.  Yes I watch All my Children and One Life to live,  they are my get away from it all vices.  After I watch my shows  I am still able to vacuum the floors,  put away laundry and clean up the kitchen.   So why snow days are fun,  I think it is also nice to be able to stick to your normal routine.  I believe it makes everyone happier. 


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