Jan 24, 2011

Anniversary plans

This July, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary.  We decided we would take a vacation.   We thought long and hard about where we would go did we want to go somewhere warm and tropical such as Puerto Rico or stay somewhere closer like Las Vegas.   Well we finally decided that we would stay closer.   Lucas does not have official vacation time yet so he cannot be asking off for week long vacation.   In addition, we asked my mom to watch our three boys and I know I cannot be apart from my youngest for too long.   Moreover, let us be realistic we do not want to have to take out a second mortgage on our house just to afford to pay for our vacation.   Thinking closer I decided to check out Amtrak and see where we could go that was not too far but still special.   I came across Hermann, MO it is about 3 ½ hours from Kansas City and 90 minutes from St. Louis.   Here is what a local website says about Hermann, Mo: “Nestled along the banks of the Missouri River, just 90 minutes from downtown Saint Louis and about 3 hours from Kansas City.  The City of Hermann is a picturesque German Community offering Old-World hospitality and the quiet charms of an earlier time.  With an abundance of spectacular views, more than 150 historic buildings, quaint inn and B&Bs, world-class wineries, museums, shops and galleries, and fine dining, Hermann is the perfect place for romantic retreats.  It is a perfect getaway not far from home!”
Now we are looking for a nice bed and breakfast, there seem to be several that look very nice.   There is also a trolley that will pick you up from Amtrak and take you to many local places including the B&B you are staying for a small fee of $15 day/night pass. I look forward to having a lovely breakfast, perhaps a picnic lunch and a romantic dinner and sampling fine wines.   Ah, it will be nice to enjoy dinner without children or having to worry if they serve Mac and cheese or chicken nuggets.    Another bonus we just became AAA members and you get a discount on Amtrak when you are a member.    Yes, this trip is several months out and I cannot wait to share our experience when we come back.   I love the fact that it will feel as though we have traveled to another country and we will not need our passports. Perhaps someday, you will find a place not too far from where you live to take a vacation.   



Sounds vaguely familiar! The trip sounds nice, but not having to worry about making food for children sounds nicer! Bon Voyage!

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